Stop Dreaming and Start Being:
Go From Wishing to Wanting To Having It All!

How Long Are You Going to Let Your Dreams Sit in the Backseat of Your Life? 

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I am a former elementary school teacher turned rogue entrepreneur, and I am passionate about one thing: Supporting people to turn their dreams into burning desires so that they CAN have it all. 

No stranger to success, I have been featured in major publications like Forbes and Global Women for my business savvy, authenticity, and quick 7-figure business achievements. Despite my success, I made many costly mistakes and failed many times. The one lesson I learned that I want to share with you is this, it is not the strategies or the mechanisms that create results, it is your ways of being that support you to access your authentic self. This will always guide your intentions and commitments and the result is having it all!


Who is in the driver’s seat of your life?
The results might surprise you!


What My Clients Say...

"Tina is an expert in coaching, within a session, she provides life-changing breakthroughs where you faced with a choice to live to your fullest life. She can help find the key to unlock the potential, challenge you and provide true results with velocity! Tina helped me to move past something that had been holding me back for years. Life, business, personal development name it - she is an extraordinary coach!"

- Yana Stockman, Life Coach

"With Tina's coaching, I changed business scale. Reaching high-level corporate clients, increasing my price in life coaching. And generally having really much more confidence to connect and generate some leads. Thanks a lot, Tina for your great help and coaching ."

- Marie Wiriath

"Compassionate, insightful, caring, and genuine - all words I’d use to describe Tina. She has led me through some powerful breakthroughs and I would trust her to do it again. Tina is definitely among the best!"

- Dan Ferren

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