The 6 Month

one on one Transformational
Coaching Program

You deserve to feel alive and energized.
You deserve to look and feel your best.

The burdens of the past do not need to stay with you forever. They can be left where they belong: in the past. Anything worthwhile takes time. Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to shifting your mindset and creating an updated version of your self.

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Don’t you wish you could wake up each day feeling alive and well?
Don’t you wish you could leave the past behind you and move on with your life?
Don’t you wish you could let your true light shine so you can have it all?

This program is for people who are ready to take action- no excuses or reasons to not succeed. People that are ready to give up their stories that they can’t have it all and are ready to just take their life back in a big way. Change takes time and when you have years of stories to let go of and blocks to uncover you need a coach to stretch your beliefs and thinking. If you have been struggling with your health, mindset, relationships and communication for years and have become resigned to things being any different. If you are stuck in a negative and fixed mindset or if you have things in your life that just aren’t working or working as well as you would like them to be then this program is for you!

Our stories create our Identity

Who you are is a product of the stories you tell yourself.

Ever wonder why you try to make healthier choices only to resort to old habits?

Ever wonder why you start feeling really energized then “fall off the wagon”?

Have you ever lost weight only to gain it back later?

Do you obsess about food and dieting but don’t get the results you want?

I‘ve been there. It sucks. BUT IT DOESN‘T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY!

Our “stories” prevent us from creating lasting habit changes. Our “stories” prevent us from feeling amazing. Recognize those stories and you change your life. Watch my TedX Windsor talk to see the power in our stories!

What’s Included

This is what you will get with my 6 month Transformational Coaching Program:
3 month signature health coaching program.
Plus 3 months of open coaching style life coaching where you will discover:
Effective communication skills.
How to deepen your relationships with people you love.
How to live life with freedom and peace of mind.
How to leave the past in the past to create your future.
You will discover what it’s like to live life as an extraordinary human being that has it all.
You will be unstoppable in any circumstance.
Develop a growth mindset and watch the ripple effect in your family.

Plus you will get a 1 hour weekly personal coaching call with me for 6 months to uncover all your blocks and areas that are blind to you that are preventing you from creating a healthier lifestyle, more happiness and unstoppable confidence.

Discover How Transitional Health Coaching
Can Help You

  • I lost 10 pounds doing the cleanse and was able to keep the weight off with exercise and eating clean. Have a lot more energy and my skin has never been so clear!

    Jess Charlie

  • I completed the 90 day program and I have never felt better. I am healthier, stronger and working on building my confidence. My eating habits have changed, I no longer emotionally eat, and my children are following my lead!

    Luann Pye

  • Tina has helped me look deeper and beyond my past hurts and losses. This program helps you figure out how to make choices to cope in a healthy way, in a way that can bring you happiness.

    Nicole Kennedy

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