The 90 Day Accelerated

Healthy Mindset Program

You deserve to feel alive and energized. You deserve to look and feel your best. You can love your body and want to improve it! These two things are not opposing forces! Anything worthwhile takes time. Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to living a healthier lifestyle.

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Tired of waking up feeling like you never slept and dreading the day?

Tired of feeling low energy and letting food run your life?

Do you remember the days when you were active and healthy and wonder what happened?

I get that. You are not alone!
I was there too and so were all my coaching clients.

This program is for people who are self motivated and ready to take action- no excuses or reasons to not succeed. People that are ready to give up their stories that they can’t have it all and are ready to just take their life back in a big way.

Our stories create our Identity

Who you are is a product of the stories you tell yourself.

Ever wonder why you try to make healthier choices only to resort to old habits?

Ever wonder why you start feeling really energized then “fall off the wagon”?

Have you ever lost weight only to gain it back later?

Do you obsess about food and dieting but don’t get the results you want?

I‘ve been there. It sucks. BUT IT DOESN‘T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY!

Our “stories” prevent us from creating lasting habit changes. Our “stories” prevent us from feeling amazing. Recognize those stories and you change your life. Watch my TedX Windsor talk to see the power in our stories!

What’s Included

What you will get:


An app complete with motivational and 12 educational videos
Shopping guides and daily plans
A tracking system
Daily inspirational messages
A 5 day reset cleanse to jump start your results (Additional Cost)
A 14 Day Elimination Reset Program to reboot your system and allow you to experiment with food so that you can customize your own meal plan


What You will learn:


How to balance your meals and make time to plan for the day

What foods give you energy and take away your energy

Your sabotaging patterns

….and so much more…


I know time is a factor and spending an hour on the phone with me each week may not work for you. So, I’ve created a 30 minute call to just celebrate your wins, acknowledge your blocks and put a plan in place to help you win your weight loss game!

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  • I lost 10 pounds doing the cleanse and was able to keep the weight off with exercise and eating clean. Have a lot more energy and my skin has never been so clear!

    Jess Charlie

  • I completed the 90 day program and I have never felt better. I am healthier, stronger and working on building my confidence. My eating habits have changed, I no longer emotionally eat, and my children are following my lead!

    Luann Pye

  • Tina has helped me look deeper and beyond my past hurts and losses. This program helps you figure out how to make choices to cope in a healthy way, in a way that can bring you happiness.

    Nicole Kennedy

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THE 90 day Accelerated Healthy Mindset Program

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