About Me

Are You Ready to Reclaim Your Feminine Power and BOSS Your Life & Business?


I have been a courageous leader in the coaching industry for over 7 years. My commitment is to help women reclaim their feminine power so they can live life fearlessly being unconstrained and unleashed.

Internationally renowned, I have been a speaker on the TEDx stage, and featured in major publications like Forbes, Thrive Global, Global Woman, and USA Today. I have also had a digital TV show, been on a global network TV station, and have been a guest expert on radio on numerous occasions for my business savvy, authenticity, and quick business success.

Even though I have now seen and experienced success, my upbringing was not easy. I grew up with a father who had schizophrenia and suicidal tendencies and a mother who worked midnights to hold our family together. I had an amazing teacher in first grade, Mrs. Beaton, who inspired me to want to be a teacher like her.

My parents divorced when I was in the 7th grade after they lost their home in a fire. I then took on a parenting role as my dad was in and out of hospitals. In high school, I was introduced to psychology and was fascinated by how the brain works and human behaviour. At 17, I left home and never went back, and have been on a journey of continuous advancement in my own growth ever since. There is not much in life I haven’t experienced or overcome, so I have developed the resiliency to take it all on, with no room for excuses. Just consistent action with freedom and ease.

Recently separated, I live in Belle River, Ontario with my 2 daughters, Maki and Lexi, who are amazing humans and a joy to raise. In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, writing, and reading. I love warm, tropical destinations and have traveled to over 20 countries. My personal passions include homelessness, since I believe no human being should be without a home when the world is so abundant; as well as the opioid crisis and rising mental health issues since my step brother and nephew both died of drug overdoses in 2021 and another nephew is in jail because of his addictions.

I left my fourteen-year teaching career to pursue my passion for coaching and established this business in 2017. One year later, I had single-handedly grown a 6-figure coaching business without marketing, ads, or funnels. I was able to surpass that level of success 4 years later when I partnered with High Performing Coach as co-founder and helped grow that business to multi-7-figures. That same year and at the peak of its success, I was asked to step down and take a submissive role in the business.

Having invested in thousands of hours of personal development and training from the leading experts in the world, high-level coaches, personal development and therapy, I have consciously dumped my personal baggage so I can lead the way for my clients free and clear from the mind chatter. I offer my clients authenticity, leadership, and vulnerability, and am the true definition of “walking the walk and talking the talk”.

With my guidance, women overcome confidence, fear, and inauthenticity issues. I recognize that women often use being busy as an exit strategy to avoid doing life, may lack the communication skills to get their needs and desires met, or are afraid to ask for what they want and get what they need. 

In other words, they give their power away.

My greatest wish is for women to come out of hiding, stand in their truth, get back to their essence, and rediscover who they are at their core, before life happened. To live extraordinary lives free and unconstrained from personal limitations and break down their invisible barriers so they can live life with courage and authenticity.

I describe my journey as Alive, Transformational, and Uncomfortable.  I choose to own my worth every day and live life with courage. I am reclaiming my feminine power and taking consistent and massive action to move forward, always staying committed to helping other powerful women break the chains that bind them.

Want to get on a call with me? 

The Reclaim Your Feminine Power Weekend Retreat - Sept 9-11 in Harrow, Ontario