One of the sessions I have with my clients is about acknowledgement. Acknowledgement is the action of expressing or displaying gratitude for something. Why do I do this with a “weight loss” program, you might ask?

I talk about this because my programs are more than just “weight loss” programs. They are based on the principles of transformative learning and the principles include changing your perception of yourself, how you view health and your lifestyle.

We live in a society that is under acknowledged. We don’t acknowledge our contributions and we don’t typically acknowledge others. There is great power in acknowledgement. When we learn to acknowledge others it gives us more freedom to acknowledge our selves in a habitual way!

How often do we wait until we lose 20 pounds to celebrate our success? We don’t take the time to celebrate the little changes we had to make along the way that created the success.

When you genuinely acknowledge someone else it leaves them feeling proud and accomplished and it leaves you feeling happy with how you contributed to another’s well being. You might notice they are apprehensive at first or even question your authenticity- that’s ok, remember we aren’t accustomed to this. Allow them to take it in and then notice how you feel after.

Practice this for a week and then notice the change in you! You may begin to notice you are happier. You may feel more fulfilled and it may cause a chain reaction in the community of people you surround yourself with. When we look for what’s going well instead of what’s not going well we leave people around us feeling more motivated to pay it forward. Imagine a society of people looking for all the good in the world instead of the bad. That would be amazing! Spread the love.

If you believe you would benefit from a program that helps you acknowledge yourself and others so you can live a healthier and happier life, book your free discovery call today!!

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