Unleashing untapped personal power

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You are a powerhouse and people fear the day you discover that! You can have it all- better health, unstoppable confidence, more energy and success. The ONLY thing is your way is your mindset!

Tina Brigley

Mindset Coach

“Unleashing your personal power”

So, let me guess…. A typical day for you is living off coffee, skipping meals, binge eating and drinking and being so busy you rarely have time to think about yourself.  If you’re not already divorced, you’re probably close to it and you worry that you are becoming the shell of a woman you once were- even if you don’t admit that to anyone else. 

DON’T WORRY, you are not alone! 

Girl! I know you. That was me!


As a professional with multiple degrees and certifications, I looked like I had my shit together- the hair, nails, clothes, shoes and even after my separation I was good at pretending I was “fine”. Great in fact. That was a lie!

I was good at pretending to be someone I wasn’t, to the point where I didn’t know the person I was pretending not to be!


My “stories” about what was happening spun in my head so loudly that even my degrees did not prepare me for the mental work needed to get me out of the rut I was in.

I didn’t even realize I was in a rut even though I was anxious, guilty, depressed, over worked, drinking daily and binge eating. I was miserable and I was “fine”.

Finally, I got real! I put on my stilettos and showed up- perfect, whole and complete. Nothing to fix. Nothing was broken. I rediscovered who I am and never looked back!


After thousands of hours of personal development and training to shift my mindset I became a fan of  hard work. WHY?

Because I knew the investment in myself was an investment in you! I saw the ripple effect of taking on my life and I get great pleasure in facilitating that in others.


Rediscover your power to live life with confidence and self expression, health and vitality. I did it, so can you!


I have created a total mindset reboot that not only enables my clients to reclaim their power, it allows them to create the life they love to live. They choose to be confident and they master the voice in their head. When they master that- NOTHING and I mean nothing stops them.


I like working with people like you because you are already successful and amazing. You don’t let your success and ego get in the way of leveling up and looking for new views.

You are motivated, driven and ready.

This excites me.


My 90 Day Group Coaching Program and Elite One on One Programs gives you a system, support and accountability to take on your life in a big way.


Let’s face it, we don’t need more information, we need personal discovery to get out of our way. My coaching allows us to do this- unfiltered, real and raw- quickly. You are already a super star and you will show up as one.


So, what can you expect? I work with one on one clients over the phone one hour per week.  During these calls, you discover what’s in your way and take actions that are important to you!  I don’t tell you what to do, you already know that, I just pull it out of you and share tools to get you in action!


“What do you do next?”

Book a mini session with me so we can explore a program that’s right for you!

I can’t wait to partner with you in your transformation. Let’s do this!



Additional Bio:

Tina is a motivational Ted X speaker, has been featured in the Drive Magazine and has been a key note speaker at multiple women’s retreats and conferences. She runs workshops and seminars and has been a guest host on multiple podcasts.