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"What's Moving? What's Shaking?" 

These are the words that changed my life! At first I was a client and now I am the newest member of the team." My story is not unique. This could be you too! 

Tina Brigley

Breakthrough Coach 

Creating Deep Connections to Grow Your Business

So, let me guess…. You feel stuck. Maybe you've tried everything to grow your business and it's not working or maybe you're just starting out and have no idea where to begin. You have no idea how to create clients and there is a part of you that doesn't believe in yourself. You are a passionate coach that wants to make a difference but fear that people won't spend the money to work with you!  

DON’T WORRY, you are not alone!

I know you. That was me!

As a coach with years of training and development; tools and strategies at my fingers tips there was something missing- consistent revenue. I had the Youtube channel, the website and business cards and I was always in a position of feast or famine when it came to coaching clients. I was frustrated; overwhelmed and doubted if I was cut out to grow the business I wanted.

I was good at coaching and I wasn't good at growing a business that was making money!

In one year I invested $42,000 trying to find the magic sauce? Was it email marketing? NO! Was it building a funnel system? NO! Was it investing more money in personal development? NO! It was the very thing I was avoiding the most- building relationships with people. Deeply connecting with them- not for the sale but for the service. I was afraid people would think I was "selling them". I was afraid people wouldn't want to talk to me. I WAS AFRAID! 

My problem was, I was so afraid to be seen and noticed that I was hiding. I had a block and it was so buried that I couldn't see it on my own. I took a risk. I believed in myself and I accepted help to grow my business! 

Finally, I got real! I showed up- perfect, whole and complete. Nothing to fix. Nothing was broken. I discovered those invisible blocks stopping me! What happened next surprised me. I started showing up unleashed, unconstrained. I pushed through my money blocks. I pushed past the limiting beliefs and I took bold, consistent action. The version of me that was unleashed. Unconstrained. Powerful showed up for the world to see. 

After thousands of hours of personal development and training to find the blocks getting in my way,  I became a fan of  hard work. WHY?

I knew the investment in myself was an investment in you! I saw the ripple effect of taking on my business and I get great pleasure in facilitating that in others.

Become a passionate coach and a purpose driven entrepreneur! If I can, you can too!

Launch by High Performing Coach is your ticket to developing unshakeable belief in yourself while learning the tools to launch your business on line. Show up powerfully. Master the creating a difference call and discover ways to grow your influence online in a way that has clients coming to you! 

I like working with coaches like you, because you are open to doing the work to make a bigger impact. You are powerful and willing to transform your business including who you believe yourself to be as a coach.

You have a burning desire to make an impact- and money  AND you know you deserve that!

This excites me.

This 3 month group coaching experience is done for you and gives you a system, support and accountability to take your business on line, creating clients and making an impact. 

Let’s face it, we don’t need more information, we need to discover what is blocking our progress. We need to discover why we aren't getting results.  Our coaching allows us to do this- unfiltered, real and raw- quickly. You are already a super star and you will show up as one.

So, what can you expect? 1 group coaching calls a week one with myself and the other with my business partners, Ryan, Max and Adrian. During these calls, you discover what’s in your way of  taking actions that will create more clients!  We don’t tell you what to do, you already know that, we just pull it out of you and share tools to get you in action! 

“What do you do next?”

Book a mini session with me so we can explore what’s missing and create a vision for what’s possible. I will give you 2 tools to begin today. Even if you don’t want to work with us , you will be in action!

I can’t wait to speak with you about your vision of transformation. Let’s do this!


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