Couples: Do You Have An Investment Plan

  And I don’t mean a financial investment plan- A Relationship Investment Plan! Let me explain. I recently attended a beautiful wedding for a young

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Where is your comfort zone?

I was a special education teacher for 12 years. I worked 8:30 to 3 pm every day and had 12 weeks paid vacation. It was

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What I learned from my daughter’s second grade spelling test

It was a beautiful spring day and I was waiting outside for the school bus like I usually did. On this day, my daughter, who

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Having Great Health Doesn’t Have to be an Insurmountable Mountain to Climb

My aunt and uncle live in beautiful British Columbia, not too far from Finlayson Mountain. One beautiful sunny day they took me there for a

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Health And Wellness Coaching – Find Your Highest Self Again

Health & Wellness Coaching Can Help You Find Your Center In the modern world, it’s easy to get lost emotionally, health and wellness coaching can

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New Year New You – Let me be Your Health Coach for 2019

Health Coach 2019 – New Year, New You!   Oh Oh, Here we go again! New Year, New You! Right?! Well, this is no resolution.

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