Health and Wellness Coaching

Health And Wellness Coaching – Find Your Highest Self Again

Health & Wellness Coaching Can Help You Find Your Center In the modern world, it’s easy to get lost emotionally, health and wellness coaching can get “you” feeling like you again. With technology keeping us attentive and focused on the physical, it’s no surprise that more people are falling into negative lifestyles. And what is […]

Health Coach

New Year New You – Let me be Your Health Coach for 2019

Health Coach 2019 – New Year, New You!   Oh Oh, Here we go again! New Year, New You! Right?! Well, this is no resolution. It just might be a little something different to what you’re use to. These days it seems like most of what comes around right after 2019 is just fad diets, […]

Detox Tips and Tricks

How To Detox: Healthy Tips And Tricks You Can Try Today

How To Detox: Healthy Tips And Tricks You Can Try Today We live in an age of increasing toxicity, illness, and disease. It seems that a little detox is in order for all of us. Our food, drink, and even our environment are riddled with toxins. This can very much affect our bodies and how […]

Gratitude Practice

Gratitude isn’t just for Thanksgiving

Have you ever been given a compliment or had someone express gratitude towards you?  How did it feel? How did you react? If you’re like most people you probably said something like, “Oh this old dress? I’ve had it forever!” or “It was nothing”. Rarely do we ever say,  “Thanks”. We often think about how […]

fresh air and sunshine

Fresh Air and Sunshine is Food!

3 underrated but potent vitamins! I have a little secret about  3 super potent vitamins that are great for our health and wellness yet we often overlook them… Can you guess what they are? I’ll give you a clue: they are all around you, don’t cost a dime and are accessible at any time of […]

Diet Detox for weight loss

Diet Detox! Let’s Stop the Madness

That’s right. Rid your body of diets altogether! Once and for all. There is nothing more frustrating then hopping on the next ban wagon to feel great and then falling off. I’m so tired of that! Aren’t you? Ok. How are we going to go on a body detox you might ask? Well I am […]

How to eat well on Vacation

Eating Well in the Road: Summer Travel Tips

There is a lot of truth to be said for airplane food being terrible and summer vacation travel can wreak havoc on your routine and diet but here are some tips to help you whether you are flying, driving or taking the train! But first, why am I even talking about this? Some people have […]

working with a health coach

Is better health closer than you think?

The hardest part about living a healthier lifestyle is not being clear about what you want or the specific strategies to get what you want. You have a thought and then quickly dismiss it because of all the “work” it’s going to be. You believe it’s unattainable and then you create goals that are “small”. […]

power struggles create stress

Summer Survival Tips

Now that I have your attention I’m sure that little voice inside your head is probably saying something like this, “It’s no wonder why there is a problem with our generation of kids- they have no consequences.” “Tina YOU ARE WRONG!”  Here me out! There is a method to my “madness”. As human beings we […]