One of the sessions I have with my clients is about acknowledgement. Acknowledgement is the action of expressing or displaying gratitude for something. Why do I do this with a “weight loss” program, you might ask? I talk about this because my programs are more than just “weight loss” programs. They are based on the […]

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It’s the four letter word that keeps us stuck from fully living our lives. We walk around fearful of everything- change, being judged, being wrong, being right, being unloved, not belonging. What if everything you want in your life is on the other side of your fear? Think about that for a second. We are […]

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Enough with the Weight Loss Articles- I’m Done Already!

I know…I know…Enough with the weight loss stuff. You’re probably saying to yourself something like this, “If I hear another weight loss commercial, sales pitch, mention- I am going to scream!” I totally get that. It’s how I feel with the million marketing companies wanting to reach out and get business from me. I thought […]

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Tina Brigley Authentic Leadership Coach