Clearing The Mind Clutter

Clear your mind

Racing thoughts keeping you up at night or interrupting your sleep?

I get that! I too have nights where my brain can’t shut off- worry, self doubts and second guessing. We get annoyed and frustrated by those thoughts and stay stuck in the sleepless nights but there is a way to overcome this. Here are my 5 steps to getting a great night’s sleep- regardless of what’s happening in your head! The goal is to trade judgement for curiosity!


Make sure you aren’t drinking alcohol or eating 2 hours before bed. Alcohol interrupts sleep patterns and sometimes the “anxious” feelings you get are the result of the sugar crash and the effects of dehydration. If you do drink alcohol make sure you stay hydrated and drink with food in your belly. When you eat late at night your body can’t go through the natural detoxification process and this interrupts your sleep. If you aren’t eating or drinking right before bed then go to step 2.


Mind still racing? Shut it down with meditation. Guided meditations are a great way to focus on the present moment. It forces you to clear the thoughts and stay in the now. We can’t change the past and we can’t predict the future so stay in the present! I like the apps “Let’s Meditate” and “Calm” but there are lots of them out there. You can also check out David McGraw on You Tube for some great meditations!

Meditation not your thing? Ok. Go to step 3.


Journal. There is amazing power in journaling. The reality is that you’re not sleeping anyways so write out your worries and then you can put them aside. Journaling also helps you find your “why”. Maybe you haven’t found that right person or you are struggling with finances or you are stuck in a dead end job. Writing allows for more clarity and non-judgement. If you don’t like to write there are apps that allow you to transcribe your thoughts. Record your thoughts on your phone. I use a specific journaling technique with my clients that helps them to really dig deep into their subconscious. Message me if you want more details about this technique.


​​Get real with yourself. Are you a perfectionist? People who have these tendencies “should” themselves. Remember those “shoulds” are the rules we create for ourselves. We put them in place and when we don’t follow through with them we judge ourselves. These personal judgements are negative and serve no purpose. When we begin to change our thoughts to acknowledge “there is nothing wrong here” the worries seem to dissipate.

Step 5:

This is the hardest step of all. Figure out the source of your issues. Sometimes those feelings and thoughts are a result of you being out of alignment with your authentic self. You know, that part of you that may be missing because of past hurts and experiences. When you are out of alignment with what you want and what you are “settling” for you will feel anxious. Your authentic self is trying to fight it’s way back into your life. When you compromise, when you doubt, when you are stuck on the “hamster wheel” you will know it. It’s your choice to listen and figure it out or stay stuck.

Money issues, relationship issues, job issues, family issues…what ever “issues” you are having, you can choose to get unstuck at any moment. Your current strategies are just the best you’ve come up with so far but there are many other strategies available to you if you actively seek them. If you are struggling with sleep and racing thoughts, maybe, just maybe it is the universe’s way of preparing you for something better! If you want to find something better then book your rediscovery call with me. You have nothing to lose and a whole new experience to gain!

Cheers to you



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