Couples: Do You Have An Investment Plan


And I don’t mean a financial investment plan- A Relationship Investment Plan! Let me explain.

I recently attended a beautiful wedding for a young couple and the wedding was pristine.

The invitations matched the décor. The dresses and suits were coordinated and there was so much attention given to every single detail from the flowers to the place settings and the detailed menu for each guest. I felt like I was walking into a fairy tale Cinderella Palace.

They must have spent hundreds of hours planning the most intimate details, not to mention the financial investment for a party.

It also got me thinking, about the length of time it takes to plan a wedding so I did my research and found that the average couple spends 12 hours a week planning a wedding over 11 months. That’s 528 hours!!

When I tried to find the research about how many hours a couple spends planning the rest of their lives, guess what I found? Nothing!

What’s my point?

Weddings are fun and what happens after the wedding is often a crap shoot!

Couples either wait until they are in break down mode to seek professional advice or they become complacent and resigned and settle for having a mediocre relationship that isn’t really satisfying but comfortable. If you have been happily married for years and everything is amazing then good for you! You are a unicorn and should celebrate- or you’ve been investing in your relationship!

So what does investment look like for you? I’m not about to give you “Top 10 Strategies to Invest in Your Relationship”. That would be boring and ordinary. Instead, let’s discover what it looks like for you by asking some questions.

How often do you go on a date night?

How do you spend quality time together?

Do you take vacations together and how often?

Do you put your phones down when speaking with each other?

Do you share your fears, desires and wishes?

Do you take time for meaningful conversation?

Do you know your love language? If not, take the quiz here:

There are many ways to invest in your relationship and only you know what that looks like for your relationship.

Here’s something else to think about. Maybe relationships don’t get “broken” and don’t need to be “fixed”. Maybe after the wedding is over something gets lost, something goes missing! What if you could easily add what’s missing into your relationship to inspire you to be the best version of yourself, so you can do the things to get you everything you want! What would be possible then?

The choice is yours. What do you value and where do you want to put your investment?

Have an amazing day.

“Be the person who will do the things to have everything you want in your life!”

Tina Brigley Authentic Leadership Coach