Eating Well in the Road: Summer Travel Tips

How to eat well on Vacation

There is a lot of truth to be said for airplane food being terrible and summer vacation travel can wreak havoc on your routine and diet but here are some tips to help you whether you are flying, driving or taking the train!

But first, why am I even talking about this?

Some people have the mindset that summer is a total write off when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. Packing and the hustle and bustle takes precedence over meal planning and prepping. Entertaining and social settings make it almost impossible to eat well. Right?!

Traveling and vacationing doesn’t have to interfere with your healthy living lifestyle.  That’s just a story you tell yourself to justify your actions. (Sorry for the truth bomb!)

Let’s get real. Chances are if you use the summer as an excuse to “fall off track” that you will find another excuse in the winter, during other vacations or any time there is a “life interruption”. Here are a few of my tried and true tips to help you live a healthier lifestyle in the summer and always!

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Tip #1: Plan Ahead

If you know you are going to be traveling during meal times, make sure to eat a high quality meal before leaving the house. Plan to have food available that is easy to pack. If you’re going on a plane, make sure you pack snacks that are easy to travel with (protein bars, nuts and seeds, fruit and veggies).

If you are traveling by car even better! Pack a cooler of food that is easy to access. This saves you time and money from having to buy food at the rest stops. Eating consistently and planning helps to keep your energy levels up for your travel!

Tip #2: Eat High Quality

Traveling can be stressful. Consuming high sugar, starchy and processed foods will contribute to your stress. Not to mention may cause stomach bloating, fatigue and moodiness. The last thing you want is to feel tight in your jeans, bloated, crampy and irritable on vacation! Trust me, your family will not appreciate that either.

Tip #3: Look for Healthy Restaurant Options

The reality is that part of vacationing is trying new foods at different restaurants. Don’t make yourself wrong for that. Try and look for healthier options and opt for salad instead of fries. Check the calories on the menu and try not to wait too long between meals. Going to a restaurant starving will not serve you. A “hangry person” at a restaurant is dangerous!

If you find yourself saying things like, “I’m on vacation. I’m not worrying about what I’m eating or drinking. I’m splurging”, try this reframe. “I’m on vacation. I’m eating well so I feel great and enjoy my vacation with lots of energy”.

Living is healthy lifestyle is about creating new habits and patterns. It’s about reprogramming your mind to see things differently. You can eat cake and lose weight too! You just need the right system and support to get you there.

I would love to support you in creating the healthiest life without deprivation.

Let’s chat to get you on the right track. Click the link to my calendar to book your call now! Amazing health and lifestyle is waiting for you! I can help. You deserve it and you are worth it!



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