Enough with the Weight Loss Articles- I’m Done Already!

Weight Loss Articles

I know…I know…Enough with the weight loss stuff.

You’re probably saying to yourself something like this, “If I hear another weight loss commercial, sales pitch, mention- I am going to scream!”

I totally get that. It’s how I feel with the million marketing companies wanting to reach out and get business from me. I thought about this the other day. I NEED to do on-line marketing. I really don’t have a clue how to do that because there is so much information out there about funnels and webinars and ad boosts…you get my point…A LOT of info. But, the truth is. I haven’t got a clue where to get started. So I sit and I surf and I lally gaggle (is that a real word?) but that’s what I do to avoid stepping into something greater than me. It becomes my “excuse”, my reason to blame when I’m not attracting new clients. These people reaching out to help me- can help me. But, I am stuck in my feeling of overwhelm. Stuck in my distrust. (BTW- I am getting off the fence with this 🙂

So now, the question isn’t about “Do I need marketing”. Heck ya I do. But, who do I trust? Who is not going to give me a sales pitch and try and take my money. Right?! I get it!

So let’s get real. If I offend, I make no apologies because if you listen to your gut and cut the B.S. you’ll realize it’s the truth. You know you want to lose weight (maybe gain weight) and feel great- the whole “Stop body shaming and love yourself” crap that is going on right now is complete B.S. As a society we are so overwhelmed by the whole weight loss industry that we are becoming complacent- we are giving up on ourselves. It’s an excuse to not take ownership and do something about our health and well being.

I’m not judging. I can say this because I lived it! Over and over and over for years! Abusing my body with binge drinking and processed food and fast food and sugar and all the other toxic things that helped me to “Feel Good”.- temporarily.  But I said, “I love me. I’m good the way I am. I love myself- B.S., B.S. and more B.S.). I was a great pretender! Now listen, we are all different shapes and sizes. I’m not saying we all have to step into the stereotypical box of looking like a model- no way!

This is my favourite quote of all time.  Yes- stop body shaming. Love yourself at the weight you are at and continue to love yourself as you shed unhealthy excess weight. No more excuses. No more justifications! No more “I’m good enough”. Live your best life. Nourish yourself and feel the effects of the food you are eating. Stop letting food control your life. You can control food. Listen to what the health experts are saying. Get a taste of the freedom and ease to move your body without getting winded.

If you need support to help you on your journey find a team. Find your tribe. I am definitely not the right Health Coach for everybody. I don’t hold your hand and do the work for you. I facilitate what you already know you must do to feel and look your best! You know what to do, it’s just a matter of deciding to do it! Being healthy isn’t about the numbers on the scale. It’s about listening to your body, taking care of it and truly loving it in all its glory! You wouldn’t abuse your friend, neglect your friend, talk down to your friend- why would you do it to yourself?

xo Tina

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