How To Detox: Healthy Tips And Tricks You Can Try Today

Detox Tips and Tricks

How To Detox: Healthy Tips And Tricks You Can Try Today

We live in an age of increasing toxicity, illness, and disease. It seems that a little detox is in order for all of us. Our food, drink, and even our environment are riddled with toxins. This can very much affect our bodies and how we are able to function. Flushing out toxins with a detox diet is essential if we want to create a healthy life.


Most of us do not have the time or additional cash to invest in lengthy spa visits. Although its fun to hang with body wraps, fresh juices, and yoga for the day. There are always some simple, healthy tips and tricks you can begin to incorporate today to start leading a healthier, cleaner life.


Start the day with a green smoothie

Starting the day with a green smoothie is a great way to power pack your vitamins, minerals, and healthy enzymes into your morning breakfast. It will give you the energy to burn and even help cleanse your digestive system. It will give your body a break from heavy, solid food.


Green Smoothie Detox Diet

Try blending up

  • 2 cups of spinach
  • 2 cups of water
  • 1/2 banana
  • a handful of fresh strawberries
  • 1 chopped apple

for a sweet delicious treat.


Sip throughout the day for extra energy through out the day. You can also incorporate this type of smoothie as your morning meal for some detox!

Who wouldn’t like to lose weight like this?

Experiment with your favorite greens and fruit and vegetable combinations to get the most out of your morning shake.


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Plan out your meals carefully

We’ve all fallen victim to the noontime fast food frenzy. When we forget to pack a lunch and snacks for the day and we wind up eating something that is less than healthy. Meal planning is essential when you are trying to eat right for maximum results.


Meal Planning


You may choose to follow this meal plan with regular exercise. When you begin incorporating more fresh, raw fruits and vegetables and whole grains to help ease your digestive system through the process. Some people feel that detox diets are a bit too restrictive, and they choose to create their own detox plan as they pay attention to how they feel. The decision is ultimately yours to make as you assess how you feel after eating certain foods, and what those foods do to you as you assimilate them.


Consider a detox diet

There is a wealth of information available to us on the use of diets specific to detoxification and what they can do to aid us in this process. Choose a method of detoxification while dieting that works for you, and remember that this may not be a long-term plan for eating, but it will aid in cleansing you and ridding harmful substances from your body. It is typical for those following detoxification diets to experience some degree of weight loss, which is an added benefit for many.


Drink lemon water and green tea daily

Adding plenty of fresh, cold lemon water and green tea to your daily detox regime will ensure that you clean out your system efficiently. In addition to flushing out toxins, the added liquid in your system will keep you feeling full, which will help you to lose weight. Drinking all of that extra fluid will also help your skin and hair to take on a healthy, lustrous glow as an indicator that you are cleaning your entire body.


Move that body!

The lymphatic system can get rather sluggish at times with the buildup of toxins and other substances that harm us if they are allowed to stick around. Scheduling regular physical activity, such as walks, weight lifting, or yoga and stretching can get the blood pumping through your system, forcing out toxins and other impurities through sweat and aspiration, or aerobic breathing.


regular exercise


Keeping your body limber and in shape will take years off of your tissues and encourage full body detoxification as you move those impurities right out of your muscles!


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Detox your mind—practice mindfulness

So many of us take on additional stress as we think negative or destructive thoughts that can actually harm our health if we allow them to run rampant throughout our consciousness. Slow down that mental mind chatter by meditating, practicing deep breathing, or mindfulness exercises to bring yourself into the present to appreciate all the gifts around you. A clean mind contributes to a healthy body; they work together to promote your best health.


Incorporate regular detox into your healthy life plan

While many people will not choose to follow a strict detox diet, there are regular things you can do to promote healthy detoxification while still living your busy lifestyle. Careful meal planning, following some of these tips on detoxification, and committing to living mindfully will bring you health and vitality well into your golden years. Here’s to your continued vibrant health!
– Tina Brigley 😉


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