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The hardest part about living a healthier lifestyle is not being clear about what you want or the specific strategies to get what you want.

You have a thought and then quickly dismiss it because of all the “work” it’s going to be. You believe it’s unattainable and then you create goals that are “small”. Truth bomb taking place, coaches help you play big and help you realize your actual potential- not what you think your potential is! So then, you play small or give up and then you repeat the same story over and over and over again.

How is that working for you? 

Take a look at this checklist to see if you are on the right track to better health! If not, use this checklist to get on track!  Or book an appointment with me today to get you on the right track!

Check Point #1: Are You Setting Realistic Goals? Do you know what you want? 

STOP LISTENING TO YOUR HEAD. What do you really want? Don’t worry about the work or the time commitment. Just write it out.

Next, check your BMI. There are great counters available on the internet like

This gives you an indication of where you are and then you can choose where you want to be. Pay attention to the thoughts that arise when you see where you actually fall on the index. Don’t make yourself wrong. Just be aware and motivated to take action because you want to live a healthy and long life. Don’t you?

Check point #2: Are you Assessing Your Calorie Needs?

Men require more calories than women and the older you are the less calories you need. Check out an online calorie counter to see what you need. People believe that they have to reduce their calories to an unrealistic level to lose weight. That often back fires and sets you up for failure. You feel starving and then binge later.

Also, not all calories are equal. I had a friend who lived off of Weight Watchers 100 calorie snacks. After all she was within her points, right?!Wrong. She was consuming empty calories that were burning muscle, not fat! BIG DIFFERENCE!!!!

Check point #3: Are You Designing a Diet That Meets Your Needs?

Ok. This is not always easy to do.  I’ll be honest. Even when I was in great shape I didn’t know how to eat balanced for my body type.

Your body is the best scientific laboratory around but the average person doesn’t know how to experiment. Truthfully neither do most health care professionals. One size fits all does not fit all. This is “Old School” mentality that is proving to be bogus!

Experiment with dairy free and gluten free options. Pay attention to how foods make you feel. If you need help with this please feel free to reach out so you don’t continue to spin your wheels. In as little as two weeks we can get you laser clear on what your body needs! It’s super affordable too!

Check point #4: Are You Creating  Realistic Exercise Expectations?

If you have a hundred pounds to lose you’re not going to start doing boot camp so you can’t walk for 3 days. Ease into so you don’t get discouraged. We only follow through with activities that give us pleasure. Find what motivates you. If you don’t, you will be more likely to fall off track. Gym’s have figured this out. Most people get a membership only to stop going after a month because they don’t like it. Find what you love. There are hundreds of activities that get you moving.

Check point #5: Are You Planning Your Routine? 

Yes! You need to plan “it”. By “it”, I mean everything from exercise, to meal planning and organizing your time and more. You are not the only busy person around- trust me. Busy people make time to put themselves as a priority. All my clients start out being busy and quickly realize how to make it all work with extra energy to spare- I’m not joking! Check out my testimonials on Facebook if you don’t believe me!

You will look for every excuse in the book to avoid doing “it”. Plan it and follow through. Recognize your reasons and excuses for not showing up for yourself! Acknowledge your efforts.

Check point #6: Just like Nike says, “Just Do It”.

Take action. Show up and follow through. It’s hard to get started but once you do you will be so glad you did.

Having a system, support and some outside accountability helps you to achieve all your goals long term. You don’t have to spin your wheels and you don’t have to feel stuck. If you want something have the courage to make changes. If you want motivation so this time CAN BE DIFFERENT, what are you waiting for?

Contact me today!  Let’s make magic happen. You not only deserve it. You are worth it. Now believe it!!!

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