The Power of Now!

Being in the now

How many times have you decided to put things off for another day?

You look around at the projects you want to complete. You think about the vacations you want to take or the coffee dates with old friends that you put on the back burner- yet again. Before you know it, the days turn into nights, the nights turn into weeks, the weeks turn into months and the months turn into years. And we keep telling ourselves, “One day” or even worse “Someday”.

“Someday” is living life on a hamster wheel. Same stories, same scenarios, same thoughts- day in and day out. BUT, what if things could be different? What if you could replace “Someday” with “NOW” AND, what if this is easier to do than you think? What could open up for you in your life if this happened? Think about that question for a minute before reading on.

I’m here to tell you the day is NOW! There is only power in the NOW because let’s face it, “Tomorrow” and “Someday” never come. You know it! I know it! We all know it! But, why do we allow this to happen?

What happens in these situations? Why don’t you follow through? Let’s figure this out.

First of all, let’s start with your thoughts. You look in your closet and it is a complete mess. It’s totally disorganized and in disarray. Every day you look at it you think, “One of these days I’ll organize that closet”. BUT you don’t! What happens?

What stops you from doing it NOW?

Your excuses and reasons- that’s it! That’s the main reason why you don’t follow through.

Let’s look at some of these excuses and reasons.

Reason number one: I’m too busy?

This is a common one. OK let’s get real- If you have time to go on Facebook, watch T.V. or all the other things you do- you have time to organize that dreadful closet. If you don’t have time- take a look at your life and ask yourself this, “Why am I so busy?”

Another excuse our brain loads up on- “It’s not a priority”.

You wake up in the morning and every day you look at that closet and every day you think the same thoughts. This is what our brain likes- it’s predictable. But sorry to burst your bubble- it’s an excuse. It is a priority because the truth is if it nags you, bothers you and you know it would make you feel good to get it done then it’s a priority. The other truth is this, usually how you show up for yourself in one area is how you show up in all areas. Tough pill to swallow- but the truth.

Excuse number three: “I’m too tired”.

Yes, we all get tired. It’s a part of life, but we always do things even when we are tired. We find the energy to do “important” things when we are tired. How many times have you been completely exhausted and still found energy to do what you want?

Excuse number four: “I’m too lazy”.

Really? Will you really go to that extent to label yourself as “lazy” to avoid doing what you want to do- to clear the clutter? That’s pretty extreme! But, it is a good excuse. I’m lazy is an excellent story to tell yourself to justify not following through.

Excuse number five, “I’m a procrastinator”.

That’s a good one. That’s a great way to avoid responsibility. Do you see how that might show up in your life- over and over again?

So this is the down load. Ready for it?

We started out with a cluttered closet that is in need of some organizing. What we end up with is this: “I’m too lazy, I’m too tired, it’s not a priority, I’m a procrastinator, I don’t have time, I’m too busy”.  Negative, negative and more negativity! Self defeating, disempowering beliefs that keep you stuck right in the same place you’ve always been.

When you believe those stories to be true about yourself, it’s no wonder why your closet never gets organized or cleaned. Cleaning your closet would disprove your story that you hold true about yourself. If you cleaned your closet then you wouldn’t be able to call yourself all those nasty things. You would have to take responsibility for your life and your actions (yes, I know it’s just a closet but the closet is a metaphor for your life- if you choose to see it that way).

Hmmmm…..that’s a big pill to swallow. Right?! Not really!

Instead of making me wrong right now and blaming me there is another choice. Find that thing that you have been putting off- that annoying “Someday”, “Tomorrow” or “One day” thing in your life and do it NOW. Seriously- NOW! Make it happen by choosing to have energy. Choose to give up all your BS reasons and excuses to keep you stuck and just DO IT!


In my health coaching practice, I help my clients identify their reasons and excuses for not showing up in their lives. I open doors to new ways of thinking and believing so that they can allow their best light to shine.  I empower them to see things with a new set of lenses.

If you believe your negative mindset holds you back from showing up. If you feel that you have disempowering beliefs you hold true about yourself. AND if any of this resonates- then you are ready to get off the hamster wheel and start living life beyond your excuses. Find out what works for real. Together we can open doors you never dreamed possible. NOW. 🙂



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