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As a co-founder of a multi-seven-figure business with years of personal development and training, I found myself holding back with a team of men. I thought I had the confidence to show up powerfully, and at times I did, but I was giving my power away daily. I was reacting based on emotions, hiding my true feelings, and was afraid to say what was on my mind. I was diving deeper and deeper into my masculine energy of the hustle and grind, and slowly I was feeling my light start to dim. I was frustrated, overwhelmed, and doubted if I was cut out to grow the business I wanted. I felt unheard and undervalued and never spoke up for what I wanted or needed. Hell, I couldn’t even articulate feelings and needs.

In two years, I helped my team grow to multi-7-figures. I took myself on with velocity trying to fit in where I felt in my heart I didn’t truly belong. Did I need more training? More personal development? Did I need to be a better communicator? How could I get out of my head? How could I tap into my heart? What was wrong with me that I felt so high-strung and anxious? I was misaligned with my essence. I was forcing my way into a place that was designed to teach me a lesson – or many and then take those and move on.

My problem was that I was so afraid to step fully into my power. I held back my thoughts and ideas for fear of judgment. until the inauthenticities were so loud and uncomfortable I had to make a shift. I took a risk. I believed in myself. I got quiet. I went into my soul and asked the question, “if I were in this same place a year from now would I be ok with that? it was a huge “Hell no!” and I knew it was time to take massive action in a totally different direction. I walked away from my marriage and my business partners and fully stepped into my feminine power – courageously knowing I was meant to rise.

I like working with powerful women like you, because you are open to doing the work to make an impact. You are eager and willing to transform your life, including your business, and who you believe yourself to be.

What do you do next?

Book a mini session with me so we can explore what’s missing and create a vision for what’s possible. I will give you 2 tools to begin creating positive intentions today! 

I can’t wait to speak with you about your vision of transformation. Let’s do this!